What’s the minimum order quantity? Please add the product you are interested in, to the cart. Once you get an error message you will see the minimum order quantity.

How long do the notes last? Our notes last for a year and no aging required before use

Where can i use these notes? You can use them in super markets, casinos, ATM machines, gas station

How much can i spend at a time? You can spend up to $10,000 at a time in any of these places.


Do you offer samples? We are sorry, we have so many site visitors, asking for samples. We have lost a lot of money by sending samples to people who don’t place orders afterwards. We decided not to send samples anymore. This is not negotiable.


Can i call you or chat on skype / WhatsApp? For security reasons we only communicate with customers via email and to a greater extend on WhatsApp only for urgencies. We do not call customers and don’t do that because it would be a high risk. Phone calls, WhatsApp etc. are traceable.


I need a pricelist with discount for your products. You can find prices for all our products in our shop. Discount will be applied automatically, once added to the cart. We don’t have a downloadable price list.


How is your quality? Our notes are on a quality level which is called super notes. Only extremely high quality banknotes which even cannot be found with counterfeit checking machines has this quality level.

How can i cancel/delete my order? Unpaid orders will be deleted automatically. Shipping is done only when orders have been paid.

How can i return an order? We don’t accept returns. All sales are final.

Contact us if your problem isn’t listed

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